Friday, August 14, 2009

My Dream Fish

Two Sundays ago there were about a dozen children in church, a bit of a surprise on a long weekend in the middle of summer. Since there is no Sunday School during July and August we have a box with stuff to do -- the children are not enthralled by my sermons!

I suggested to the kids that they might draw me pictures and I offered the idea of Jesus feeding the crowds, a text from John in the lectionary. Several of them revved up the crayons and one girl was so excited she had to bring me hers, special delivery, before worship was over. Heather let me know later that her work of art was on the bulletin board outside my office. She chose as her topic, Goldie: My Dream Fish, which I'm sure is in the bible somewhere. Hey, maybe Jesus fed the gang dream loaves and dream fishes.

It absolutely delights me that these children take my requests quite seriously. And that they trust I will want to see what they have created. We need to dream of a spacious faith family which has room for everyone. It was a bit noisy and active in the sanctuary that Sunday with the kids there.

Who cares!

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