Monday, December 05, 2011

A Christmas Carol

Yesterday three choirs totalling eighty members, as well as two actors/readers, presented Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol at St. Paul's. TThey were from the Westben theatre and the readers did an excellent job, while the choirs accented the text with traditional carols and music written for this classic. The childrens' choirs were impressive -- actually everyone was. We were wondering whether is was going to be a meagre audience but in the end somewhere between 160 and 170 people blew in from a dark and stormy night to enjoy the presentation.

As I listened for the umpteenth time to a variation of A Christmas Carol I was struck once more by the strong message of social justice in the story, the concern for the poor and sick in Victorian England. Of course there are multiple references to the spirit of Christmas and even a quote from one of the gospels about Jesus tenderness toward children. There is an invitation to generosity and an attitude of abundance which are quite heartwarming.

Some of you were present. Any thoughts about the presentation and the message? What about those of you who know the story from other presentations?

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Laurie said...

Saw it last weekend at Simcoe United. The choir was great. The story a little long. Good readers, but long. I have never been a great fan of the story but I was glad I went.