Friday, March 01, 2013

Hoops Golden Rule

What a remarkable, heart-warming story. A developmentally challenged teen named Mitchell is adopted as the team manager by a high school basketball squad in Texas. They treat him with respect and he cheers them on, with great enthusiasm.  The coach decides that he will suit the kid up for the last game of the season and puts him in to play during the dying moments. His teammates feed him the ball but he just can't make a basket. A really nice gesture, but without the storybook ending.

Mitchell Marcus is carried off the court after he sank a basket in his school's final game of the year.

Enter a player from the opposing team, who inbounds the ball --directly to this young man. Mitchell turns, shoots, and sinks the shot. The crowd goes wild. You must watch the video.

Everyone involved deserves great credit but pay attention to the interview with the player who passed the ball in to him. He comments that he was raised to do for others what he would hope they would do for him. That's the Golden Rule. Jesus offers a version of the Golden Rule, but virtually every religion has one. Actually the globe in the poster above looks like a basketball. In a "me first, give me the glory" world, these are the stories we need to hear and see.



IanD said...

The clip's on my class homepage right now! Totally inspirational.

willowjakmom said...

I am so grateful that you posted this. It is true that we need to see way more stories like this.

It would be nice if the human interest stories made the main headlines before the miserable ones did. I woke up to reading one that was quite the opposite that has left me feeling sick. A councillor in the UK at a budget meeting, who argued that children with special needs should be "put down" because they are too costly.

I pray to God that there are far more stories like Mitchell's than the one I mentioned. :s

roger said...

What an inspiring story and video. Willowjakmom is right, this is the kind of thing that deserves attention, rather than that moron UK councillor.

sjd said...


It shows that one act of kindness can prompt another.
The coach got the ball rolling, the crowd, and even the other team. Everyone involved should be proud of themselves.

Nancy said...

WOW! Lovely story. Sharing it with my teen. Will also share it with staff. Thank you.