Tuesday, March 22, 2016

World Water Day

The ice is mostly gone from bodies of water and waterways around where we live in Southern Ontario, although a few cold nights have caused it to re-form where the wind doesn't shove it around. We are so fortunate that we actually witness water as a liquid and solid and gas (mist, fog) through changing seasons and temperatures. As I cycle along the Bay of Quinte to work I see all three and I am constantly fascinated.

We are canoeists and kayakers and love being out on the water, something we can do within minutes of where we live. We are so grateful for these opportunities and consider them a gift from God. I have been so excited at the prospect of paddling and we almost ventured out on Sunday afternoon. The precipitation in the form of snow and freezing rain will put the kibosh on that notion for a while now, although we did canoe on the bay Christmas Day. It is supposed to be eight degrees on Easter Sunday, so we may get out there during March yet.

We hear so much about melting glaciers due to climate change and industrially contaminated waterways and the hundreds of millions who don't have ready access to potable water. All of this is real and grim and we simply aren't mindful of how precious water is. The planet needs the commitment of individuals and governments for change.

On World Water Day it is also important to celebrate the miracle of water which graces our lives in so many ways.

Is water a source of pleasure and solace and blessing for you? Have you become more aware and careful about your use of water? Take a look at the Watermark project to add your water story to a nation-wide resource http://www.waterkeeper.ca/

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roger said...

My wife and I love water - so much that today we bought land in the Prince Edward County on the water so that we can build a home when we retire in a few years. We have always loved water and find it so peaceful and relaxing. I enjoy canoeing and kayaking too - until now it's been at people's cottages. Now I will be looking to buy(any suggestions for sit-in kayaks on calm waters, David?).

I also love the idea of being on the water because of the creatures in attracts. I love bats(I've built a bat house, and can't wait to put it up!), which tend to be near water. Don't even get me started about loons!

I like to think I'm mindful when using water. We are blessed in this country to have easy access to clean water, but I try not to take it for granted.