Monday, August 29, 2016

Marilynne Robinson & Peace

President Barack Obama with Marilynne Robinson.

Marilynne Robinson is one of President Obama's favourite authors,has hosted her at the White House, and even interviewed her. How cool is that?   I'm with Barack on this, although so far Robinson hasn't responded to our invitation for a barbecue. It's her novels that have captured me, although I have read articles where she addresses Christian and philosophical subjects as well. I have a book of her essays in the mountain of "to be read" books by my easy chair.

Robinson is oft-honoured, and last week she became the recipient of the Dayton prize, which is for both literary achievement and peace. Here is The Guardian description of her choice for the Holbrooke achievement award.

Robinson, author of the award-winning Gilead trilogy, which tells the story of the Iowa pastor John Ames, was named by the Dayton literary peace prize as winner of its Richard C Holbrooke distinguished achievement award. Sharon Rab, founder of the Dayton literary peace prize foundation, praised Robinson’s “luminous, deeply moving prose”, which she said “explores the causes of strife in a family, in a community, and in the world, while ultimately demonstrating the universal healing power of reconciliation and love”. “In her fiction and in her essays, Marilynne Robinson is concerned with the issues that define the Dayton literary peace prize: forgiveness, the sacredness of the human creature and delight in being alive and experiencing the natural world,” said Rab.

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump admits that he doesn't read, which sure makes sense from what we've heard. He doesn't admit that he can't read, but I wouldn't be surprised. I'm glad that Obama does, and he gets Robinson's unique wisdom, rooted in faith.

Any other Robinson fans out there?

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