Friday, March 02, 2018

All God's Creation is Very Good

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Today is World Day of Prayer, an annual event which was originally for women, primarily, and involves a prayer theme developed in different nations around the planet. These themes are both topical and universal and the prayer calls Christians into a common focus. One year the theme was abuse and security for women. Ruth, my wife, spoke at this ecumenical gathering because she was working as a crisis counselor at a women's shelter at the time.

This year the women of Suriname have developed the theme of All God's Creation is Very Good which draws on the refrain for the days of Creation in Genesis. Suriname is a small South American nation on the Caribbean which was colonized by the Netherlands. I imagine most of us in Canada would be challenged to identify Suriname on a map, so its worthwhile to turn the spotlight there in the 1200 services and events being held across Canada, along with so many more in other countries. In their study material there is this succinct and hopeful observation:

...At the same time, we can find solutions to restore the harmony between humankind and God’s creation. As women in Suriname, we believe that the Christian faith community can make a great contribution to the preservation of a livable, healthy and safe environment. The future of the Earth for the next generation matters to us. We see this as one of the key elements of the Christian faith. We are reminded of the relationship between God and Creation, and God and humanity...

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The artwork is by a Suriname painter and it depicts the diversity of the natural world with humans from different nations as a secondary aspect of the work. Finding our way back toward a balance in Creation is essential, so once again the theme is worthwhile and speaks to a crucial time for decision-making.

God bless all the services held today, that they may be a time of growth and common concern amongst God's people.

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