Monday, April 27, 2020

We Are Stronger Together

Canadian Collab: Lean on Me | 101.5 The Wolf

I had no intention of watching the multi-media platform special featuring prominent Canadian musical artists and other luminaries which aired last evening. They were raising money for food banks across the country, an excellent cause at any time. It was interesting to see how many of the stars from my youth are looking as old and ragged as I am. I have to say that Burton Cummings of Guess Who fame looked like Hitler's chubby cousin. The curious vanity with the hair colour makes him look both sinister and sad. I really enjoyed most of the younger performers and the version of the recently deceased Bill Withers' Lean on Me was good. 

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The two major takeaways for me? Firstly, that many of the participants across generations were exhorting us to make the personal sacrifice of distancing from others for the greater good. It really called on the best of what it means to be Canadian and Christian. Those of us who are Christians should appreciate that the powerful story of God-with-us in Jesus, the Christ, affirms that God gave sacrificially and lovingly, so we can as well. Of course that wasn't said by anyone -- God forbid, even though it was a Sunday

Secondly, people are hungry in our wealthy nation and they were before COVID-19 exacerbated the problem. I appreciated what Ryan Reynolds said about the importance of supporting those who are food insecure,and the need to create an equitable, caring society where food banks aren't necessary. This too resonates with the Judeo/Christian ethos.

I thought the show wrapped up nicely with a brief message from Prime Minister Trudeau and then...Drake? What the hell? (excuse me) Is he Canada's new high priest? What he said was okay, but it really seemed repetitive and unnecessary. Ah well, international stardom has its perks. 

Did you watch and listen last night? Were you exhorted, uplifted, and motivated to generosity? 

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Judy said...

I watched some of it - til the phone rang ! And I already gave to the local Gleaners Food bank before this show was promoted ! This charity, and Women's Shelters, need more help than ever right now.

Lisa Norman said...

We watched it. I liked the informal and personal touch. However, I too found Drake a little rambling. I wondered if he was given the last word because he had produced the show, but I couldn’t find any reference to that in the credits.

roger said...

Didn't watch it, and hearing that Drake was on it - even if it wasn't until the end - makes me glad I didn't. Was he showing off his 30,000 sq. foot mansion again? That guy rubs me the wrong way in every way.

Glad they raised some serious cash though.

David Mundy said...

Thanks to all three of you for letting me know that I wasn't alone in watching, and that the Drake moment was rather odd. I agree, Judy, that shelters and other food/meal programs need our support as well. Good to hear from you, Lisa. I hope your family is safe and healthy.