Friday, November 30, 2007

Justice, Not Just Us

Today I received a card in the mail asking what I would like to see happen with the huge fiscal surplus the Canadian government will enjoy this year. Hey, Prime Minister Harper did ask, through my MP and cabinet minister, Bev Oda. Here is my response.

November 30, 2007

Dear Ms Oda,

Today I received a card through the mail seeking my opinion about debt reduction and lowering taxes.

I applaud the efforts of the current government to reduce Canada’s debt and fiscal responsibility in its expenditures. As a Canadian taxpayer, lowered personal income tax appeals to me, although I am grateful for my prosperity and the social services my taxes help provide.

I would encourage a third option for the revenue surplus, which ultimately belongs to me and others who pay taxes. Please rebuild social supports that benefit low-income families and work toward the goal of eradicating child poverty. In 1989 all parties in parliament voted to wipe out child poverty by the year 2000. As this decade draws to a close this goal is far from realized and other nations such as Great Britain have managed to achieve what we have only promised.

There isn’t a more opportune time than now to commit resources to this end. I believe that this goal would reflect the compassionate democracy which is Canada.


Rev David Mundy

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