Monday, June 15, 2009

Up, Up, and Away

We went to see the animated film Up over the weekend and we were glad we did, even though it was not shown in 3-D in Bowmanville. The Pixar animation is wonderful but it was not like some animated films with lots of action and not much plot.

Actually it is a suspenseful adventure story in some respects, but there are stories beneath the story. One is about the realities of aging and how quickly life passes by without necessarily getting to what we thought were our goals. One reviewer mentions a segment of the film that had moved him to tears. It is only a few minutes long and shows a couple moving from youth to old age. Honestly, it was hard to imagine an animated film having that effect until I was in the theatre. Bring your hankies! The old guy named Carl in the film is a delightful curmudgeon voiced by Ed Asner.

Up also reminds us that the adventure of life is simply in the living. If we think we need to travel to an exotic place for true adventure we might miss the pleasure of the day to day.

I suppose the film is about love and loyalty in all circumstances, which is a strongly Christian theme.

Have any of you seen Up?


Laurie said...

I did see it with my son and some of his friends. They are in their twenties. There was some tears from them. We all really liked it and the 3-D was great.

Laura said...

Haven't seen it yet but have been continually impressed by the depth and layers of so many of the made for kids movies of late....they seem to have come way "up" from the very forgettable kids movies of my era. The "Up" themes sound somewhat similar to Mr McGorium's Wonder Emporium of a year or so ago (Dustin Hoffman) which I find delightful even after several viewings. I wonder if all these layers are why recent generations of kids seem to so enjoy repetitive viewings of the same movies ? They do get more out of it each time? (As a parent I'd like to believe that, although I imagine there are lots of other less favourable explanations.) Anyhow, thanks for the review. Sounds like our kind of movie.

lionlamb said...

It's good to know that twenty-somethings are able to be a bit sentimental and emotional.

I had to laugh, Laura, about the layers on layers in recent kids movies. It means that you have likely seen them again and again and again... Let us know if you are mumbling dialogue in your sleep.

I would agree though. I'm not big on animated films but both Coraline and Up have been amazing, both visually and in terms of the story.

Laurie should let Laura know where it is possible to catch Up in 3-D.

Laurie said...

Cineplex Odeon Oshawa or Whitby 24 both have it showing in 3-D.