Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The Jewish Passover or Pesach begins today and continue until April 5th. As you can see, this year Passover and the events of Christian Holy Week and Easter correspond. They often do, so when we come together for Maundy Thursday we listen to the passages which describe th events of God's angel of death "passing over" the enslaved people of Israel before their departure to freedom in the land promised to them. Christians speak of a different sort of deliverance in Christ, and the passover meal, or seder, Jesus shared with his disciples is our eucharist or communion.

I was interested to hear of a different aspect of Passover this year in the form of The Global Seder to Fight Hunger. http://globalseder.com/ It is a charitable effort to feed those who are impoverished in various places in the world:

This Passover, while we are fortunate enough to celebrate the holiday with family and friends, for many thousands of Jews in Toronto and around the world there is little to celebrate. They simply do not have food for the holiday and will have no Passover without your help.

UJA’s Global Seder to Fight Hunger - it’s as if you’re opening the door to your home, and inviting extended family to your seder table! At the end of your meal you will feel comforted to know that other less fortunate have benefited from your generosity.

By giving just $30, one person will enjoy the Passover we, as Jews, deserve. For $100, you’ll be ensuring that a family or a group of vulnerable seniors, celebrate Passover as they should.

This is a good reminder that virtually every religion encourages compassion and generosity for and with the marginalized.

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