Sunday, October 21, 2012

Faithful and Playful

Today the St. Paul's congregation will acknowledge thirty five years of music ministry by Doug Dewell. Thirty five years! That makes Doug...old, really old! Actually, if you know Doug you will realize that he is perpetually young at heart, and he has the wardrobe to prove it.

The family graciously offered to provide a plaque which acknowledges Doug's time with us, but also honours all those who have gone before him. I have joked that it will go next to the most important plaque with the names of all the ministers through the years, but we know that music is essential to meaningful praise and worship.

In the event you can't make out the tribute on the plaque, it describes Doug as faithful and playful, and of course we know that his sense of humour is always at the ready.

Doug is an extremely talented musician and while I appreciate his skills on Sunday morning, I have also admired his ability to lead a congregation of mourners at funerals where perhaps few really want to sing. One of the most touching examples of Doug's leadership came at the wedding of an elderly couple who were entering into a second marriage. The groom was a choir member and so Doug rallied the choristers to take part in the ceremony. What did they sing?

You've got to give a little,take a little.
And let your poor heart to break a little.
That's the story of.
That's the glory of love.

You've got to laugh a little,cry a little.
Until the clouds roll by a little.
That's the story of.
That's the glory of love.

Bride and groom grinned from ear to ear.

I suppose there has been lots of give and take through these thirty five years.

Any kind words of tribute for Doug? Remember -- kind!


IanD said...

Many thanks to all of you who made today a memorable occasion for Dad. He loves St. Paul's and all of you so much, and to have his church family alongside his family was special for him.

Here's to many more years up at the front!

Laura said...

One of our teens commented at sharing circle this morning that he was thankful for the levity of the tribute....not speaking to its sincerity but to its good humour. He went on to say that he liked that our congregation can have fun together.

I second his thanks...and acknowledge the joy and fun that Doug's leadership offers, whether in a well timed plunk of the ivories or joke. I think of laughter as God's gift and acknowledgement that life isn't easy and so we were given the gifts of humour and laughter and joyful music to be enjoyed and shared along the journey.

I also send gratitude for Doug's generosity and cooperative support as he assists and accompanies the youth and Sunday School services. He is my calm amidst the joyful chaos of kids at those times.

We are richly blessed!

Stacey said...

I do not know Doug personally, but have always been very aware of his role at St. Paul's and I recognize it as being integral to why I feel such a pull to this place. Yesterday's tribute made me very proud to be present and able to stand and applaud a man whose gifts are so greatly appreciated.

Forail said...

I have only had the pleasure to know Doug for 6 or so years now. I am always moved by his incredible skill and unending smiles. Thank you for your service. :) Here's to another 35 years!!:)