Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thank You!

Yesterday the number of "pageviews" (a Blogger term) for this Lion Lamb blog exceeded 300, only the second time this has occurred. I have to think that the title of Louise Penny's novel The Beautiful Mystery embedded in the header helped my cause, but I'll take what I can get! I now get anywhere between 250 and 275 looks on weekdays. At my Groundling blog yesterday there were a modest 40+ views, but this is twice what I experienced during the first month.

The stats page tells me that there were approximately 7,200 views in the past month which startles me when I extrapolate through a year. Of course this is all thanks to you, both regular and casual readers. I want to let you know how much I appreciate your connection with these blogs, whether you are one of the thoughtful commenters or part of the silent majority. I love reading the comments and I know lots of others do as well.

The average attendance at a United Church congregation is now between 50 and 60, although, thankfully, St. Paul's is several times that. Just the same, the daily "congregation" for this blog exceeds our attendance on a Sunday morning. Obviously a blog does not replace gathering for worship, but I hope it does connect us.

I have mentioned that I spend about 20 minutes creating each entry, not counting the time I read, listen, ruminate, and muse in preparation. I am glad to have a forum to reflect Christianly (not a word) on what is going on around me in this fast-paced world. I do my best to be varied in content, everything from congregational stories, to trends, to world events. I am closing in on 1900 blog entries between the two since I began.

I am always interested in discovering what would be helpful for you in these blogs. I thank you for the emails I get with ideas for blogs, even if I don't get to them all -- it doesn't mean that they aren't blogworthy! Thank you for graciously overlooking spelling and grammatical mistakes along the way. I am often tapping away at weird hours and with haste. And keep those comments coming.

Your thoughts on this enterprise? Oh yes -- check out my regular entry on both blogs today!


Lynnof60 said...

I was talking with a friend the other day and he said something that prompted me to ask "how did you know that". He responded that he reads your blog. He is neither a St. Paul's member, and in fact is not connected to a church. He enjoys te blog! You never know who you are connecting or connecting with!

roger said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, and sometimes adding my two cents. Reading your blog is one of those "must do" things on my daily list, and I appreciate the variety of topics that are touched on.

Way to go! Keep it going!

dmy said...

David, I enjoy your blogs, thought provoking and always timely, like Roger said reading your blog is on my daily list.

Nan said...

Although I do not respond very often, I read daily. When we are away, I try to touch base on a regular basis and if I can't, I catch up as soon as I get internet access. The diversity of topics, means that there is always something for everyone. I usually read the blog in the morning to catch the topic of the day and then re-read at night to catch all the comments.

IanD said...


willowjakmom said...

I recall a time while I was living out West and you took a bit of a break from blogging- I was so upset! At the time, I was really isolated as a stay at home mom, with no other adults to really talk to. The blog continues to challenge me and I really love the "conversation" that happens in the comments. Keep it up!