Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christ on the Front Line

kiev priests

Sometimes the relationship between church and state seems more like a deal with the devil than a match made in heaven. Through the centuries religious institutions have cozied up to power and lost their integrity and prophetic power. During World War II it was the Lutheran church in Germany. Yet the Lutheran church in East Germany during the Soviet years kept the Christ-light shining during the dark and godless days of that regime.

In Russia the Orthodox church has become a close ally of President Putin which is why the punk group Pussy Riot protested in the sanctuary of an Orthodox church. Yet we see in Kiev, Ukraine, Orthodox priests putting themselves in harm's way during the public protests which have already resulted in deaths.

These photos are extraordinary, and speak for themselves. They do invite us to keep this volatile situation in our prayers. Comments?

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colinm said...

Are Canadian government policies and even laws becoming victim to particular religious groups' views? Sadly, examination of all the major religions support the"golden rule", but some branches tend to ignore it and pursue tribal agendas. All of these religions officially champion the support and protection of the marginalized and disenfranchised. When they don't, we tend to blame religion for the turbulence in the world.