Sunday, February 23, 2014

God Keep Our Land

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Canada wins gold! Was it ever in doubt? Okay, we were all nervous beforehand, but the Canadian team was exceptional from start to finish.

Earlier in the morning CBC television went across the country to show us how people were preparing for the game. They went to a mosque in Toronto where several hundred Canadians were enjoying breakfast in anticipation, chanting "Go Canada Go" and waving flags.

What a wonderful reminder that this country is made up of diverse backgrounds and many religions. The suspicious nonsense which labels all adherents of certain religions and those who are immigrants as aliens just doesn't hold.

God keep our land!



roger said...

We're number one....and not just in hockey! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else....although I waver a bit in January and February.

Judy Mcknight said...

I'm with Roger!