Sunday, May 17, 2015

Always Safe, Definitely Risky.

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There is a congregation called The Fountains in Fountain Hills Arizona that is under concerted attack by a group of other Christian congregations. Why? Because it is "progressive" in its theology and providing an alternative to the very conservative theology of its neighbours. Fountains welcomes LGBT persons and according to its pastor, David Felton upholds a way of being church "that lets people know there's a choice out there, they don't have to deny science, they don't have to hate their gay neighbor, they don't have to read and take the bible in a way that causes them to abandon their rational mind."

Such crazy talk! The push-back is that eight other congregations have joined together in offering a series of sermons directed against this heresy. Do they not have better things to do in worship, such as encouraging members to love as Jesus loved and caring for the outcasts and downtrodden.

Reading about his came close to home this week because I will be telling the Bridge St congregation today on the International Day Against Homophobia that we recently provided space for an LGBT prom in Belleville, the first of its kind. It provided a safe environment, a sanctuary for teens who are often mocked and rejected by their peers. So far we haven't been targeted by any other churches, but you never know.

Sometimes when God's Spirit is at work we are led to different and even uncomfortable places. I don't really think of myself as a "progressive" in my theology because I am still rather orthodox and Trinitarian. But I like the motto "Always Safe. Definitely Risky."


The Fountains's photo.

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