Wednesday, May 13, 2015


CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt confronts a man who shouted a vulgar phrase at her while she was broadcasting from Sunday's TFC game.

This is not good for my blood pressure. For the second day in a row I was incensed by a news story in this great country of ours. Yesterday I was outraged by and ashamed of a group of young louts at a professional soccer game in Toronto. Shauna Hunt, a female reporter from CityNews was just trying to do her job when these fools began shouting profanities and obscenities at her in what has to be considered sexual harassment. I was sickened to read what they said and appalled that they would do so in such a public manner. And you can see the sense of entitlement on their faces.

The reporter then confronted these men (I use the men term loosely) and one of them announced that he thought this aggressive and obscene behaviour was hilarious and that his mother would think it was as well. Lovely family.

It turns out that this jerk is a public employee, making $106,000 a year at Ontario Hydro. I get great satisfaction in knowing that Hydro has taken action to fire his sorry... --well, you know.

In typical "blame the victim" fashion the reporter is now being criticized online for her action supposedly leading to this guy's dismissal. Let's be clear, his decisions led to his firing in accordance with the standards of his place of employment. I feel that our society must take swift and decisive action to respond to this sort of harassment.

My two lovely daughters experienced unwanted attention as servers in earlier years and were relieved when that stage of their lives ended. I spoke with a woman the other day who was so distressed by inappropriate comments in her work environment that she threw up. It has changed how she feels about being there. And to make it worse, the man claims to be a Christian and is quite public about it.

God knows how those young men were raised but I pray their families are ashamed of what they have seen. And I pray that we all understand that this is not acceptable.

To Shauna and all women who experience this nonsense, my apologies for men who don't have a clue what it means to be a man.



roger said...

Appalling. You really have to wonder how these "men" became such pathetic jerks.

Judy McKnight said...

... and how do they continue to call themselves Christian????