Friday, October 02, 2015

Wake Up America!

So many political leaders in the United States, along with presidential wannabes, toss out "God bless America" declarations at every opportunity, like sanctified party favours.

What does that mean in a country where many of those same leaders vigorously defend the reckless availability of lethal weapons? Since the beginning of the year there have been 40 school shootings in the United States. Forty! The president has spoken to the public fifteen times decrying mass killings. There has been a mass shooting (four or more victims) in every week of President Obama's second term. The map below is of mass shootings.

It's time that church leaders, every single one, deny rather than defend the right to bear arms. It's time for leaders to repent of the sin of wanton violence. The distortion of that hideous constitutional "right" has led to a bloodbath of unparalleled proportions. President Obama is correct in asserting that no other civilized nation in the world is experiencing these repeated atrocities.

I think this New York Times opinion piece by Garry Wills is brilliant

A civilized nation which takes to heart the teaching of Jesus and the tenets of other faiths does not defend the right to slaughter innocent people. Wake up America!


roger said...

Such tragedy. I remember watching Michael Moore on CNN about a year ago, shortly after a mass shooting. He was so livid that a certain politician was getting in the way of gun control, and the host, Piers Morgan, felt the same way. Moore gave out the email address of that politician to the viewers, and I applauded.

I just cannot fathom how so many Americans continue with this mindset of "the right to bear arms", while there is just mass killing after mass killing.

Judy said...

100% in agreement on this..