Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gratitude Day

There is plenty of advice out there for Americans who will be gathered around family tables today, trying to navigate through strong emotions about the recent presidential election. Apparently some people don't want to be at home because they would rather avoid what could be contentious conversations.

Of course Thanksgiving is about gratitude, whether it is Canadian in October or American in November. The stats above intrigue me. They suggest that in the States  if you're 'ligous you are more likely to feel gratitude. I wonder what comes first, the turkey or the egg? Does gratitude lead us to be religious, or does religion prompt us to be thankful?

I figure that when we attend church or synagogue or mosque there is regular encouragement to be generous and grateful. And I'm hoping that when we realize that we are blessed by God we then choose to bless others.

We do know that faith groups are a driving force behind food banks and refugee sponsorships and other humanitarian endeavours. I am regularly encouraging folk to respond to crises in other parts of the world as well.

When I trust that God is good, I want to at least attempt to be good myself, and I am more inclined this way when I gather with others of like mind. I can be impressively selfish, but thoughtful worship and praise can prompt me toward a higher good.

Does faith make you more grateful? Do you think it matters?

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