Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, we are back after a wonderful two weeks on vacation in the province of Newfoundland. I had access to a computer and the internet but once, so it was good to return and see your responses, here and there, while I was away. I'm delighted that there are several new commenters who have offered thoughtful responses. It was good to read my blogs, since I had only limited recollection of the subject matter. It was like reading someone else's blog!

The photos above are of the house we spent four days in while at the northern tip of Change Islands, adjacent to Fogo Island. It is owned by friends who graciously loaned it to us. The one small community on Change Islands is about 300 people and is accessible by ferry. As you can see the house is a very traditional place outside and inside as well. The interior door frames are five feet ten inches in height and I am six four. When I forgot this discrepency I said things that are best not repeated. The cove was our "front yard" and the islands leading off to Ireland were the "back yard," just a brief climb over the hill.
Despite the melon smacks, we loved the solitude and the stillness. Of course during the day there is activity in the cove and the small boats you see were coming and going as people headed out to fish for cod. A neighbour kindly gave us a "feed" just after he had cleaned the fish and it was a delicious supper.

The lack of urban noise, the incredible quiet of the evenings and early morning, and the dark night sky were all gifts from God, from our perspective. Strange that an absence can be a positive presence which restores the soul. I will probably inflict a few more musings from our time away during the week ahead. Any experiences of stillness during your summer?


Laura said...

An unplanned time all to myself started my summer when family circumstances kept me home for a few extra days while the kids, dog and dutiful husband headed off to a family party in southern Ontario.
Although the circumstances that kept me home were worrying, the early summer night in a silent house was a "gift" that started my summer.
One of my favourite times at the campgrounds of summer is the night time crackle of fire and the sounds of people tucking in until all is quiet.
I felt a "stillness' just looking at your holiday photos this morning...thanks for sharing them.

Nancy said...

Your photos are amazing, I love the lighting. You should enter them into the "Our Canada" photo contest!

Being awakened at 3a.m. while at the cottage, to watch the stars beside the still waters, is truly a stillness moment. The night sky is so breathtaking!

Lynnof60 said...

No quiet moments but your pictures make me yearn for Newfoundland!

roger said...

What an amazing photo! I think I want to move there.

I desperately seek quietness and stillness, and the closest I got was this past weekend while visiting my sister and her husband at their cottage. It is well off the highway with only a handful of neighbours and no sea doos!! Apparently we will be going to another cottage next month which is completely isolated and has its very own lake. Nobody for miles. I'll have some practical jokes to play at around 2 a.m., perhaps involving a Hannibal Lecter mask.

David Mundy said...

I went back to these photos several times yesterday and basked in the "fragrance" of that ruggedly beautiful place. I notice that three of the four responses included exclamation marks at the conclusion. Sometimes silenc, solitude, and natural beauty are worth exclaiming about. Thanks.