Monday, November 08, 2010

Two Jonathons

This is the tale of two young Jonathons. Teen Jonathon came in to see me in the sanctuary early on Sunday morning, as I was getting ready for worship. He often does this because his sisters are there early for choir practice. "I got past the graveyard of good intentions!" he told me. I was perplexed for a moment until he reminded me that he is reading his way through the bible. I had warned him that Leviticus is the formidable graveyard of good intentions for those who are trying to read the bible, an Older Testament book filled with strange and often boring stuff. But he persevered. He is great guy, thoughtful and funny.

The other Jonathon (Johnathan actually)is a few years younger, the boy chosen to carry the wreath to the front of the sanctuary with a veteran during our Remembrance ceremony. He showed up for worship wearing a jacket and tie, looking quite grown up. I introduced him to Fred, the veteran, who is nearly eighty years his senior. Jonathan shook his hand with a solemnity and maturity that was really touching. The aging veteran with a cane and the boy carrying the wreath as they came up the aisle provided a powerful visual during worship. Both carried out their roles with dignity.

I say it so often, but where would we be without our children and young people? They are such an essential aspect of our life as a Christian community. Your thoughts?


IanD said...

I work with 'em everyday and have the best job in the world because of it!

sjd said...

Good thoughtful kids. It warms the heart.

roger said...

It was nice to see the junior choir singing with the senior choir yesterday.

David Mundy said...

Thanks guys.

As you know I felt the same way on Sunday Johnny. We should give real credit to Junior Choir leader Allanah who works with a constantly changing roster because kids have a tendency to grow up. I don't think a single child in the choir Sunday was there when I came seven years ago yet there were fifteen of them singing their hearts out.

Nan said...

Young Jonathan showed such respect for both the job he had to do and the person he did it with. How wonderful in one so young. We are so lucky at St. Paul's that our young people are so willing to share and take part in things around the church. We learn more and more from them every day.