Friday, May 06, 2011

Light on the Corner

This little light of mine,

I'm gonna let it shine,
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Last evening our past and present board chairpersons attended an awards dinner on behalf of the congregation. We were honoured for community service, the many ways our members make a difference to the fabric of our local society.

Not long ago one of our teens, Amy, (yes, soloist Amy) received an award for community service through her school and there was acknowledgement of her involvement at St. Paul's.

I have certainly noticed through the years that many individuals who are active here are also contributors to various community causes. Their Christian faith issues in practical action beyond our doors. A couple of years ago I conducted the funeral for a wonderful St. Paul's senior and I discovered how involved she was in canvassing for organizations and supporting them as well.

The phrase "the light on the corner" is one we trot out from time to time to describe ourselves, perhaps too glibly. But I think these are examples of how that light, which is ultimately Christ's light, is demonstrated. At times I am concerned that younger members are less inclined toward this sort of community involvement, so it is good to hear about a teen who is honoured in this way. Each one of us can make our contribution to illuminating the shadows.



janet.rice said...

Can't resist a comment....22 years ago I became a volunteer at Community Care for many good reasons but partly to meet some new folks in the community. - I find myself surrounded by St Paul's people! No surprise there.

The significant use of our building and monthly catering of 100 meals to seniors are major pieces of our local Mission Service and Outreach.

Ella Raaphorst and I are ever so modest, but I guess I shoud add that last month the province honoured each of us with the Volunteer Service Award.

Laura said...

As I listened to the speeches about the kids winning the student citizenship awards for their schools, I found it hopeful, at a time when often I feel "let-down" by the me-me-me of younger generations,(my own included). Dad joined into the Community Care Volunteer base recently. He assumed he would meet people he didn't yet know but like you found himself surrounded by St Pauler's.

Although we are the "light on the corner" to many, that light shines back into each of us as we give of ourselves in the community. It is in giving that we receive...

David Mundy said...

Thanks Janet and Laura. Both of your comments support that positive portrait of members who are generous with their time. Congratulations to you, Janet, and to Ella.