Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Young at Heart

On Sunday morning two elderly women made their way into the sanctuary, canes by their sides. I was in the entrance, greeting, so one of the them said to me "It's March, show us your socks!" I was puzzled for a moment, but she helped me out. I had told the UCW that I was a proud member of the Sock of the Month Club, an outfit that mails colourful and funky socks to subscribers once a month. She figured that it was the first Sunday in March so I should be wearing new socks! I wasn't wearing the latest edition but I showed her the pair I had on, which display the skyline of Austin Texas. She laughed heartily and proclaimed "cool!" Actually, there were four of our seniors who had gathered 'round for the unveiling. I slipped off my shoe so they could get the full effect and the Sock Club label woven into the toe.

I commented to wife Ruth later that we can stereotype our elders when it comes to playfulness and acceptance of that which is different. Sure some seniors are stuffy, but some of the most humourless individuals I've ever met are young, but not young at heart.

This is the first pastorate of the six in my career in ministry which is predominantly seniors. I came from a congregation with lots of children, teens, and their parents. I miss that energy, to be honest. But I am constantly pleasantly surprised by the openness and warmth and humour of these folk at Bridge St. In our study groups they are more than willing to ask questions and to "colour outside the lines"  as we explore what it means to be Christian.  These attributes are not a condition of age.


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