Thursday, May 29, 2014

The One That Got Away

I'm really pleased that this Sunday we will be formally welcoming new members into the life of Christ's community as expressed through Bridge St. United Church. There are six people joining by transfer and reaffirmation of faith. Three others have asked to join and can't be present this time. Two more want to become members and will prepare before joining.

I am also pleased with the one that got away. A few months ago a big, imposing guy began worshipping at Bridge St UC out of nowhere. He was here every week, so I met with him. It turned out that he had some major issues he was working through and decided to come to church. Why Bridge St? He had been married here, but hadn't attended worship anywhere during his lifetime. He just felt he should come and was surprised that he felt comfort and a positive start to his week. Even though he looks rock solid, he admitted that he was quaking as he came through the door for the first time. But people were welcoming and he decided he would come back.

He disappeared just after Easter, so I sent him an email yesterday. It turns out he has moved, but has sought out the United Church in his new community. It is a small congregation but he feels good there and plans to continue this new worship rhythm to his life.

Would I have liked him to connect here over the long term? Of course, but I'm glad that he felt positively enough about this congregation and his awakening to God that he found a church. This is as important as welcoming the folk as members on Sunday morning.



Judy Mcknight said...

Being warm and welcoming to all who enter a church's doors is a Christ-like thing to do - and be !

Terry Head said...

I agree with Judy, and from what I have heard the Hospitality team does a very good job welcoming people, as you do too David.

David Mundy said...

Interesting that the first two responses are from our Minister of Music and a choir member. One of the ways Ruth, my wife, felt welcome at Bridge St. was by joining the choir. Sometimes it is in the smaller congregations within the larger congregation that folk feel at home.

Terry Head said...

Well said David and very true...I know that has been the case for me, when not in the role of leadership.