Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chaos and Carnage

Sickening: Armed militant children - some no older than eight - watch the execution of a man in the latest shocking video to emerge from the ISIS insurgency in Iraq
The current situation in Iraq is frightening, a terrible scenario of armed and focused religious extremists intent on taking over the country, leaving carnage in their wake. The brutal and random murders of military personnel and civilians --including children -- is an unspeakable atrocity. The children of rebels are invited to watch executions. What a monstrous distortion of the will of God.

Now the United States and Great Britain, the countries which rushed to invasion of Iraq in 2003 appear bewildered about what to do to support the current regime, which may be ousted without international support. It is bizarre that the United States is entertaining collaboration with Iran, supposedly the latest version of Ronald Reagan's Evil
Empire, to respond to the insurgency. It's hard to keep up with who we are supposed to hate on any given day.

I will add a third "C" to chaos and carnage. It is Christian. Obviously all loss of life in Iraq is a tragedy, particularly those who are simply in the way of the insurgents. We need to be aware that since the allied invasion in 2003 the small Christian community has been under constant attack with churches bombed and leaders murdered. There were a million Christians in Iraq in 2003 and today about 450,000. Already we are hearing of Christian families fleeing their towns and villages and of executions.

In the past week, some 160 Christian families fled to Alqosh, near the autonomous Kurdish zone of northern Iraq.

We can pray for peace in this war-torn country and for the Christian community in particular. I wish our Canadian government would create more opportunities for those who are refugees because of religious persecution to emigrate.


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