Friday, June 20, 2014

The United Church & World Pride

Our administrator, Carol, asked if I wanted to include info and a link to the World Pride material supplied by the United Church of Canada in our Sunday morning bulletin.  I must be honest and say I wasn't sure, because I know what the perceptions of some are about Pride parades in Toronto and elsewhere. Sadly, the more extreme aspects of the parades tend to deepen some of the prejudices and stereotypes about those who identify as LGBTQ. I find that frustrating, and so do some of my gay and lesbian friends and colleagues. In a way the Pride Parade is a flash point, even in our changing and more inclusive culture.

But looking at the material from the United Church I see the opportunities for worship and conversation. Our eloquent moderator, Gary Paterson, will preach at Metropolitan United in Toronto on Sunday morning. For all the concerns about misperceptions, this is an opportunity for our denomination to name God's presence in these events and in the ongoing discussion of our society. So, into the bulletin it goes!


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Unknown said...

It is always the extreme aspects of organizations - including religions - that cause the difficulties... and the concern s and the bias against them...