Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter Glory!

In a few minutes I will slip the alb I seldom wear anymore over my head, then don my Easter stole. Even though I am a seasoned veteran of Easter morning, with 35 years of ministry,  many of those with multiple services, I always feel rather inadequate for the glorious responsibility of proclaiming the resurrection.

Death has been defeated! We are forgiven and made whole and redeemed! How do I possibly convey this!

We will worship, and the music will stir us, and we will share in our meal of grace and hope. It's not about me -- it's never about me! -- so I will do my best to proclaim the gospel and get out of the way.

Christ is Risen!


roger said...

One of my most memorable experiences in church was a number of years ago, when I attended the Good Friday service at St. Paul's in Bowmanville.

I had attended many Good Friday services before moving back to Bowmanville, but never had I experienced a service that had moved me so much. You really brought out the solemnness of the occasion.

Judy McKnight said...

I didn't think I could ever get a "fresh" look at Easter and the resurrection story again, after 6 decades of worshipping on Easter Sunday ... but your reflection brought a new fresh perspective on the day for me... thanks.

David Mundy said...

Thank you both. Your comments mean a lot to me.