Sunday, September 27, 2015

Presidential Grace & Courage

Recently former president of the United States Jimmy Carter was at a baseball game and he kissed his wife Rosalynn when the cameras focussed on the two of them. It was a sweet exchange and entirely in keeping with their enduring, affectionate relationship. Remember the two of them walking hand-in-hand  along Pennsylvania Avenue to his inauguration nearly forty years ago?

It could be argued that Carter has been a more successful statesman and world leader since his single term in office rather than during it. He has worked for peace in the Middle East, challenged injustices everywhere, and taken up the cause of the rights of women. All the while he has been an active Christian, teaching Sunday School for decades. He left the Southern Baptist church because of inequality between men and women in the denomination but he certainly didn't relinquish his Christian faith

Jimmy and Rosalynn are facing a new and sombre challenge. The president has cancer which has spread to his brain. CNN reported Carter's press conference to announce his diagnosis in this way:

Atlanta (CNN)In a remarkable press conference marked by grace and devoid of self-pity, former President Jimmy Carter said Thursday that four spots of cancer had spread to his brain.
Carter, 90, said he initially thought he had only weeks to live when he first learned of the diagnosis. He's now more optimistic, placing his fate in the hands of God. At the news conference in Atlanta where he sat alone before a bank of reporters and cameras, Carter said he would begin a course of radiation therapy on Thursday afternoon.
"I have had a wonderful life," Carter said with the same unsparing honesty and meticulous detail that marked his presidency. "I'm ready for anything and I'm looking forward to new adventure," Carter said, in the 40-minute appearance before the cameras, in which he frequently beamed his huge smile and never fell prey to emotion. "It is in the hands of God, whom I worship."
The shots of the couple kissing were taken some time after his announcement. They intend to live together to the end as fully as possible.
God bless the Carters as they face this together. It sounds as though they will do so with grace and courage.

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God bless them, indeed !