Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thank you Grandparents!

I heard this morning that this is Grandparents Day, and I took note because I am one. At the beginning of August --five weeks ago today -- our second grandson Roger came into this world. We were there to look after our other grandson, Nicholas, as his parents hurried off to the hospital for Roger's birth. We have loved the role with one grandchild, so having another should at least double the pleasure.

I listened to a grandmother who founded an organization to support grandparents who find themselves raising grandkids, sometimes on their own. She also spoke of grandparents who are denied access to grandchildren or find themselves in other difficult situations, often because of divorce. They never chose to divorce their grandchildren but they live through the pain of separation.

Over the years I have appreciated the grandparents who bring grandchildren to church and other activities of congregational life. They have deep convictions about the Christian formation of their grandkids, so they take on the role of practical spiritual mentors. I have been touched by the devotion they display, even though it isn't always easy.

I have also been impressed by the congregations I have served where elders welcome youngers with warmth and encouragement, as a cadre of honorary grandparents.

Congratulations to the loving grandparents out there. Keep up the fine work!


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