Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Change of Heart

Angela Kennedy and Brian Kennedy

This morning I listened to a CBC Metro Morning interview with Angela Kennedy, chair of the Roman Catholic school board in Toronto and one of her sons, Brian. She has been on Metro Morning in the past, speaking against the imposition of the Ontario sex education curriculum on Catholic school kids, insisting that taking sex ed out of the context of marriage and love was contrary to the values of the church.

Then Brian, now 30 and a teacher, revealed that he had been sexually abused by a neighbour as a child, which caused serious soul searching on Ms. Kennedy's part about what might have made a difference. She now feels that that the curriculum is worthwhile:"My position has changed because of what happened to Brian. A very sensitive and disturbing revelation to us has caused me to pause and to reflect on my own attitudes."  All her children support this changed perspective.

I have written before about the importance of open and honest education about human sexuality, including the boundaries children can establish for themselves to remain safe. It is actually a sin not to provide that education, which often leads to worthwhile conversation at home. Ignorance does not honour God.

I appreciate Brian's courage and Angela's change of heart.  I hope that parents in the RC school board and those from other religious backgrounds get the message, for the wellbeing of their children.


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Judy said...

I agree - being forewarned is being fore armed; One of the RC chaplains at the school where I taught for 34 years agreed that kids need to know about their bodies and good sevxual health, as well as other health related issues.