Sunday, June 12, 2016

Vicki and Gary

This morning two colleagues in ministry will be involved in worship in significant ways. The Rev. Vicki Fulcher is our Minister of Pastoral Care at Bridge St. She is very effective in her role, with deep compassion rooted in thoughtful and expansive Christian faith. We will have a conversation about her work with us and her other role as chaplain at Belleville hospital. The gospel passages from Luke in these weeks have been about healing and Vicki has a strong ministry of healing through "sacred accompaniment."

We will also be acknowledging the fiftieth anniversary of ordination for the Rev. Gary Magarrell. Gary calls Bridge St. home, and we are blessed to have him as part of our congregation as a Voluntary Associate Minister. Gary has served Christ's church in many capacities through the years, including as a pastoral care minister at nearby Eastminster United. Today Gary will read scripture and lead us in the Prayers of the People.

I appreciate both Vicki and Gary as persons, and their wisdom and support are invaluable to me as Lead minister.  I know they have touched the lives of many in their essential roles as pastoral care ministers. Pastoral care tends to be a "below the radar" aspect of ministry, and a fair number of clergy see it as secondary. It is vital to congregational health and wellbeing, especially as congregations age.

Thanks to Vicki and Gary, and God bless them both.


Judy said...

Amen - God bless them both - and thank God for their dedication to their callings.

Frank said...

In total agreement.
Both Vicki and Gary are very much beloved and valued in our church family.
As well, previous ministry commitments from these two individuals have been vital to our ongoing faith journey as a community.