Monday, October 10, 2016

Well-Aged Thanksgiving

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There was an article in the Globe and Mail newspaper last Thanksgiving about research indicating that we become more grateful as we age. As a well-aged turkey myself I'm curious about this. Apparently we grey beards have a sunnier outlook because the limbic system, particularly the amygdala, an area of the brain involved in emotional attention and memory, becomes less active in response to negative information. At the same time, older individuals maintain or even increase their reactivity to positive information. I'm grateful to discover that I have a limbic system!

I am hugely grateful for my fun-loving and clever family, for the peace of this nation, for the beauty which is part of every day. I'm grateful for Christ's church as a community of compassion and change and for the wisdom of those who have lived life well.
Image result for thanksgiving cartoons

I think my gratitude to God for new life in Christ has always influenced my outlook on the world, but I can be easily convinced that this is deepening with age. As I look back I have so much for which I can give thanks, and I trust that there is more to come.

I would be abundantly grateful if more of you commented on my blog entries, but how many blessings can I expect?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Frank said...

I do like the last cartoon David. It so appeals to my own warped sense of humour.
I recall seeing something just this past week that feelings of gratitude enhance overall health and wellbeing. Maybe we should start celebrating Thanksgiving monthly; but with the big gobbelfest reserved for the annual celebration.

Judy said...

One of my daughters-in-law decided to do a Facebook posting every day for a year,,based on the attitude of gratitude, a few years was interesting to read her statements each day, but also neat to see what other people commented on her offerings, adding their own thanks. I try, regularly, when I am feeling down, to count my blessings, and offer a prayer of thanks...

I really like the cartoons, too, David!

High Style said...

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