Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hitting the Ground Running

Phew! Talk about hitting the ground running! I flew back from the Epiphany Explorations conference yesterday, and used the plane time to get ready for both today's bible study and Sunday's worship. It was a good thing. I woke up feeling groggy today and realized that 7:00 am here is 4:00 am in Victoria, and I was up before 4:00 am yesterday to catch my flight.

Into the office to hear about another death, communicate with the young couple who be married, Saturday, to conduct bible study, to...I won't bore you. I found the conference very stimulating, although it took stamina. Three of the five days began at 9:00 am and concluded at 9:00 pm. I did play hookey one glorious afternoon (12 degrees celsius.)The speakers were provocative and the music was wonderful. I had the bonus of seeing colleagues from my past, as well are re-connecting with the good friends who hosted me.

During the next few days I will share some of the insights from the various presenters, so you can get a flavour of what I have experienced. And I will post some photographs from the walks I squeezed in with those friends along the way. You will see why I labelled them Victoria beach junk, although all three are of organic stuff. Click on them for better images. By sharing my musings I will have a chance to reflect on what has happened rather than just leaping back into work.


IanD said...

That's so boss that you played hooky! I love it - pastoral truancy!

lionlamb said...

I assure you I was a model citizen the rest of the time!