Sunday, January 31, 2010

Joyful Noise

Last Sunday morning I attended two worship services --can you see my halo? I had an early ride to the Epiphany Explorations conference with my friends so I went to both the 9:00 am and 11:00 am services. They were quite different but had the common denominator of lively, powerful, creative music. It didn't hurt that Linnea Good and David Jonsson, Bruce Harding, and the various vocal ensembles from First Metropolitan United Church took part (one is pictured above.) At the second service there were four percussionists and I came to the conclusion that every church should have some sort of drummer!

The interesting thing is that I went to the conference for the speakers and left feeling that the music had been a real highlight. I made sure I got to the sanctuary early before most of the plenary sessions because the music was remarkable. I attended two music workshops with Linnea Good to have exposure to newer worship pieces and approaches. The organ, piano, bass, drums all enhanced the music. The contemporary group called Sabbath did one piece with oboe, banjo, piano, drums, guitar, and violin. It sounds unlikely and was really wonderful.



IanD said...

All of this sounds wonderful, and that stodgy organist of yours should be encouraged to pull in other influences. Someone please dust him off! ;)

As I read your post David, I was reminded of how hostile the ancient Christian church was in its infancy toward music. Even plainsong chant was an issue for early celebrants as they worried that the inherent joy of music would draw parishoners' minds away from the matters at hand (ie - worship, repenting and salvation.)

Glad that times have changed, and also that you came away with a new set of ideas.

lionlamb said...

Lest you are shocked, dear readers by Ian's comments about music-director Doug, I will "out" Ian as one of Doug's sons!

I did preach on "honour your parents" yesterday Ian.

IanD said...