Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can't Live Without Them

Last Sunday we had a dozen children if church if infants and teens are included. Hardly a cast of thousands, but I have been thinking about their presence all week. I realize that for me the experience of worship is lessened by the absence of children. I say this aware that many congregations no longer have children and I don't want to sound as though I am demeaning who they are on Sundays. It just feels as though God's fullest intention is a worship experience which includes people of all ages.

There is some intangible yet real energy which comes from children. On Sunday a family with three kids was there (come to think of it, two families provided half the children!) They brought their two-month-old for the first time and he let out a few squawks to say hello to his new extended family. It was a joyful noise.

I appreciate all the folk who have "personed" the nursery and run the low-key program for the older children this summer. It has meant that there have been children in worship every week, a rough total of two dozen different kids, by my count.

I've said before that St. Paul's people are impressive in their acceptance and welcome of children. Thoughts?


IanD said...

We have plans to swell the ranks by two this fall!

Shane H. said...

One of the reasons we now attend, although infrequently lately, sorry. :-(

sjd said...

The number 1 most important part of the church is the kids. I'm the driving force behind our regular attendance, and the kids are of the age that they would rather sleep longer Sunday morning. I try to gently re-enforce the importance of faith. The problem with teens and tweens is the out side influences. I often hear "none of my friends from school go to church".
I don't want to say that they are all going to HELL, but I'm torn on how to address this.

lionlamb said...

Thanks to all three of you...should I offer pick-up at your door Ian? Those two little sweeties would be a welcome addition.