Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last Hurrah?

Yesterday about a hundred protestors made noise at the official ground-breaking for the massive incinerator which will be burning our garbage before long. It has been dubbed an Energy From Waste project, giving the impression that it is a "win-win" development -- we get rid of our trash and burning it produces energy. Of course it will take energy to make energy and a nuclear power plant is right next door.

In some respects this is a last hurrah for those who object to the project. A number of those who have worked diligently in opposition are members of area churches, convinced, as I am, that an incinerator is not a solution to our waste disposal and will actually degrade the environment rather than improving it. Care for creation was not high on the agenda during the process and even some local politicians, including our mayor, who were elected because of their opposition have been overwhelmed by the juggernaut.

The Toronto Star article yesterday noted that the company chosen to build and run the incinerator has just been fined $400,000 in the States for emmission and air quality violations. When its poor track record was pointed out during hearings the information was discounted or ignored.

I wrote about all this as the process unfolded and as I attended public meetings. What are your thoughts now? Some of you live directly down wind!


IanD said...

Though I live in Bowmanville, I work in Courtice and the incincerator issue is as hot button as they come to the folks over there. I applaud all those who organized to oppose the project, and you're right: the fine says it all.

Environmental concern will always take a back seat to the almight dollar, it seems.

Until, of course, it's too late.

sjd said...

The fines are a joke. Companies just like our own St-Marys/Blue Circle know that it's cheaper to pay the fine than update the process. Add 3 more zeros to the fine ($400,000,000)and see how clean they can burn.

At the level these things are decided there is alot of money moving around, and you can be sure that there is more moving than will ever be made public.

Everyone since Jesus has a price.