Sunday, August 28, 2011


The opening of the new memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington D.C. is a big deal here in the States, where we are spending some time, and so it should be. Dr. King was the Baptist pastor who rose to prominence as the fearless and eloquent leader of the civil rights movement in the US during the fifties and sixties. Unfortunatetly the dedication of the memorial has been postponed from today until September because of Hurricane Irene.

King was a flawed person in some respects (aren't we all?) but his determination to carry out non-violent change for persons of colour altered the course of American history. It is fitting that President Obama will speak at the dedication.

The statue of King is huge and imposing, the first statue of an Afro-American in the capital. Take a virtual tour of the site at this address

Most Canadians are aware of some of MLK's history and legacy. What are your reflections about this memorial?

Bye the bye, the Chinese global influence is even evident in this memorial. A Chinese sculptor created it, out of stone quarried in China!

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IanD said...

An interesting man, in that most interesting of decades. When I think of all the upheaval of the 1960s - all the change and challenges, it's remarkable to consider how many towering historical figures where packed into that time as well.

King (along with the Kennedy brothers, and LBJ) casts a a long shadow from that time that still touches events today. It's about time that he got his own Memorial (though I note not everyone is pleased with the end result.)