Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Blog About Blogs About...

Does it count when I blog about my two blogs, Lion Lamb and Groundling? I did the math yesterday and, lo and behold,  this marks my two thousandth blog entry, if the seventy or so from Groundling are counted in.

As most of you know, a member of St. Paul's encouraged me back in 2006 to give this strange, relatively new world of weblogging a whirl. Who knew?

After a modest 36 entries that Fall the number of entries has grown from year to year and in 2012 I began Groundling to address issues of faith and the environment. Lion Lamb averages between two and three hundred page views per day, while Groundling is a tenth of that number. Every once in a while Groundling tops out at fifty and I am quite pleased, but normally far less.

Because of the blogs I reluctantly ventured into Twitter as well. The sobering reality is that the number of page views per day exceeds the number of people who attend worship at St. Paul's each week. I am pleased, though, that there are folk from all over who read these two blogs and can do so even though they can't (or won't) join us on a Sunday morning.

As you know, I try to address a wide range of topics, and always I connect the dots to God in some way.

Thank you for reading, but remember that your comments always enrich the blog. I love it when we actually get a conversation going.


Laurie said...

Here is to another 2000 entries! Keep them coming.I look forward every day to see what you are going to talk about. They make us think, question and talk. Thanks!

LSDPB said...

Enjoy both of your blogs immensely,
on most occasions it starts my day.
Keeps me informed of daily news events that I might have missed,
on going happenings with my faith family and even a chuckle to enlighten me. Keep it up, will continue to be a follower in the future.

Geo said...

I quite enjoy this blog, keep the entries coming! I am one of those who does not join you on Sunday morning.

Laura said...

Part of most every day for me..and even now as you move on to your new locale, we can keep benefitting from your questions (and answers). Thanks for keeping us thinking!