Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It is unusual for me to write this late in the day, but this has been an unusually sad few hours. I knew that I would be meeting with a family whose mother and grandmother will be laid to rest on Thursday.

Then I got the call that one of our members had died suddenly. I went immediately to the hospital where we talked through the shock of his passing. I had hoped that I would not be called upon to preside at this memorial because I thought the world of him, and I will be gone soon. Ministers feel loss too and I did wish for him recovery and good years to come.  Of course we agreed that while his death is a huge loss, he went mercifully, and it is only right that someone who knew him would lead the service.

At the hospital I met a couple whose adult daughter is dying of cancer. I didn't know her, but the family had gathered so I went to them. Reading the twenty third psalm and praying with a room full of strangers, with the two exceptions, is a challenging and intimate experience.

A day in the life of a minister! I had two meetings before the first call this morning, and I have a lot to cram in still. Please pray for these families.


LSDPB said...

A day in the life of David, we are so grateful for your being and adding much comfort in the presence of each of these families at such difficult times. We will miss our beloved church member a gentle man, a lover of the youth and his beloved family. Praise our God our Saviour.

roger said...

David, it sounds like you are due for a hike in the Second Marsh! A very difficult day for sure!

Laurie said...

Maybe a prayer for David.

willowjakmom said...

Prayers for all of the families and for you, David. I'll pray you don't grow weary.

sjd said...

Yours is a labour of love David.

To put yourself out there emotionally again and again has to take it's toll.

I'm not someone to get outwardly emotional, so I will express myself here, as I write with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat.
Thank you David for being there. Your comforting words. Your presence. The faith you represent. Your years of experience. The gentle reassuring sound of your voice. The example you set. The role model, mentor.
The simple fact that you care. You care about your family, your church, your community.

When I think of you, I think there is someone who has found his calling.

Perhaps on days like this you have doubts, but we all know this is who you are. God has blessed you and all those who's lives you have touched.

Thank you for being who you are.

Nancy said...

So very well said sjd!

David Mundy said...

Sometimes I am so focussed on the next blog I don't look back more than a day to view comments. I am weary this Friday morning but your kind and supportive comments lift my spirit. Thank you!