Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flicks and the Spirit

The word these days is that the Oscars are (is?) passe, that this long-time Hollywood extravaganza is old-time and can't compete with the Golden Globes and other upstart award shows. I think the stars will still be there tonight, and it really does matter to receive one of those Academy Award statuettes.

I just haven't seen as many films as I would like to feel informed for this year's awards but a number of thenominated movies we did see have been really worthwhile from my perspective. Amour, the story of an elderly couple dealing with failing health, was very moving and certainly resonated with what I see regularly. Lincoln brought home the tensions of a political world where unethical choices may be made to serve a higher good. Life of Pi did a more than reasonable job of exploring the interrelatedness of religions. Silver Linings Playbook was really a romcom elevated by addressing the serious issues of mental health. And Beasts of the Southern Wild was this dark, apocalyptic tale of life in a flooded world.

What are your thoughts about the nominated movies this year? I didn't see The Master or Les Miserable, but I know they delved into important themes as well. Are you a movie-goer, and why? Are films a unique way to explore spritual themes?


roger said...

I haven't seen all the movies up for best picture, but of the ones I did see, I vote for Life of Pi.

Laurie said...

Saw all of them. "Life of Pi" was the worst. It was such a disappointment.Was sorry "Amour" didn't win. I admire Ang Lee as a director but "Life of Pi' was not his best.