Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Belief, Oprah Style

Life. Is. Busy.

These words really shouldn't mark the beginning of a blog entry, but they serve as a reason (excuse?) for being slow off the mark for musings these days.

Have any of you been paying attention to Oprah's series called Belief? The website is shiny and bright, as you might expect with the resources at her disposal. And the topics are intriguing. Here is a description of the series from the Huffington Post.

The production team condensed more than 800 hours of footage into seven one-hour episodes that feature, among other rituals, a boy preparing for his bar mitzvah in Budapest, Hungary, where a tiny population of Jews remain, and a former professional skateboarder from Northern California taking part in the hajj, a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
The series also features lesser-known traditions, such as an Aborigine teaching his grandson ancient songs that connect them to their Australian ancestors, and a South Pacific religious ritual in which men — including a young boy — make a dangerous dive off a high tower of bark and vines in hopes of a successful annual harvest.
The series, co-produced by Harpo Studios and part2 pictures, also includes those who don’t embrace a particular faith, from an atheist climber who finds meaning as he mounts a desert cliff in Utah without harnesses or ropes to a father and daughter who take part in Nevada’s Burning Man festival.
The new series follows the trajectory of Winfrey’s career, which has included touring with former evangelical pastor Rob Bell and interviewing Pakistan activist Malala Yousafzai.
“Her passion has always been for faith stories and for the spirit, in the sense of spirit that animates people’s journeys,” said Marcia Z. Nelson, author of “The Gospel According to Oprah.”

As always Oprah is savvy about soliciting support, gathering one hundred faith leaders for screening of the episodes followed by dinner at her home. Who could resist? Oprah is also tapping in to the deep hunger of those who may not chose a bricks-and-mortar experience of religion or spirituality.

I'll probably take a look...when I get some time! Have you watched? Will you?

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Lynnof60 said...

I have them ALL recorded and have watched two so far. They are pretty 'slick' but well done.
Perhaps they will be a good 'watch' during those long, cold January nights.....