Tuesday, November 24, 2015


We have all heard of Black Friday in the United States, the orgy of spending following American Thanksgiving, which is the last Thursday of November. Black Friday has seeped north of the border, but is not quite the mania we witness in the States.

The frenzy seems to fly in the face of the true spirit of Thanksgiving, but the most outrageous admission that it is now about getting has shown up in an ad for Verizon. I was appalled when I saw their Happy Thanksgetting ad on television and wondered how a holiday of gratitude which once has strong spiritual overtones has become one more push to buy, buy, buy.

Should we be surprised though? Christmas has gone that way, and we see the encroachment into Easter.

What do you make of all this? Perhaps we simply hold fast to what is important to us, and don't worry about the commercialism. I am still shocked when it is so blatant, but perhaps it's time to let go.

What do you think?


Frank said...

More consumerist clap trap, void of any responsibility, and completely immersed in a self-indulged sense of inflated entitlement.

Judy said...

But we might get a good deal on bunk beds for our family in the Black Friday sale !

David Mundy said...

Blessed are the bargain-makers? Thanks to both of you.