Friday, May 13, 2016


Preachers, Talk Show

No, your eyes don't deceive you. This summer on Fox you can watch a new talk show called Preachers, starring...preachers. The four pastors are from large congregations, or mega-churches, in the United States with names such as Empowerment Temple and House of Hope. The executive producer is excited about the concept:

After 'The View,' I figured I'd never do another panel show, but these preachers knocked me off my feet," said Geddie in a statement highlighted by Broadcasting & Cable. "They're not just another set of talking heads yakking about the events of the day; they bring real-world experience as pastors and counselors. They have a unique spiritual take on things, and they're funny as hell ... I mean, heck!"
Nuck, nuck, nuck. I'm not offended that I didn't get the call to be a co-host. Hey, I'm a little pale to fit the profile, I'm the minister of We're Still Hangin' In There Tabernacle, and the only mega we can boast about is the running total of repair bills for our aging building.
I'll never be on a television show, yet I consider preaching a calling and a craft. I've been dedicated to this aspect of ministry for 36 years. I hope I have learned and grown as a communicator through the decades. I know that many of my colleagues feel the same way, and we earnestly desire to preach messages that are faithful, relevant, and words of hope and empowerment. We're not celebrities, but we never thought we would be, and the expectations can be daunting.
Today I'll offer a message in a memorial service, funeral tomorrow, sermon Sunday, another funeral Tuesday. On each occasion I'll do my best, by the grace of God, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Would you watch a program called Preachers? Don't snore too loudly! Is this just another example of turning religion into entertainment. Does preaching still matter?


roger said...

Absolutely no interest in watching this. It will inevitably be a battle among the four to see who is the funniest and wittiest. They'll be busy trying to outdo each other and to make a name for themselves, with an eye possibly to having their own reality show in the future. If that's what you want when you're watching this, then that's fine.

My wife and I have been toying with the idea of getting rid of tv altogether, and this show will not be tempting us to keep it. If I can just watch my Pittsburgh Steelers for the four month football season, I'm fine!

Judy McKnight said...

You do what you do really well, David - and the faith is always uppermost in your words and your approach - that is what makes a good preacher - and yes, you are keep the rest of us in tune and grounded in the Ground of our Being .

Laurie said...

Don't watch T.V. much at all. Maybe an hour a week, maybe not even that much. I do watch movies. I would not be interested in this show at all. We need preachers who believe in what they are doing and are up to date on what is going on in the world. You deliver on this. Thanks.