Tuesday, May 24, 2016

World Humanitarian Summit

Yesterday Prime Minister Trudeau arrived in Japan for a visit in advance of for the G-7 Summit later this week. Of course this visit upstages other events taking place around the world, including the World Humanitarian Summit taking place in Istanbul, Turkey. This is a United Nations sponsored event but many faith groups are participating and watching with interest. The goals are in keeping with the work for social justice many Christian denominations are involved in, including our United Church of Canada.

There are seven basic tenets that the Summit is upholding, and they sure seem worthwhile to me. More than one relates to the growing crisis related to displaced persons, including Syrian refugees. There are hundreds of United Church congregations participating in refugee sponsorship including those in Belleville. But this is much bigger issue than our modest efforts.

I do wish that the G-7 leaders, including PM Trudeau, were more directly involved in this Summit. It would give it a higher profile and greater credibility. It sends a message about what really matters in the world.

Were you aware that the Summit is taking place? What about our world leaders being elsewhere as it unfolds?

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