Thursday, March 02, 2017

Hydro Justice

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Today the Ontario government will announce a reduction in electricity rates in an attempt to provide relief to beleaguered customers and put the paddles on its failing political future. Some colossally cynical and stupid moves on the part of the McGuinty government drove all our rates to the highest in North America, or so we're told.

Now the Wynne Libs are promising to reduce them, although debt is debt, no matter how you rearrange it.

I'll be pleased to have a lower Hydro bill, but I'm concerned that what will be announced will benefit those are able to live with higher rates the most. I like to grumble, but I can afford my bill. And while I get it that folk with cottages are paying a whack of money each month, even when they aren't there, wouldn't some poor schmo on a fixed income love to have a cottage hydro problem?

I think the proposal to have a sliding scale of reductions according to income makes the most sense. If we at a certain threshold of income we should receive less of a break than those who are barely getting by. Rural consumers should get a bigger break because they are already paying proportionally more.

When we formally interview the folk who come for our meal ministries, or just chat at the table, they tell us that the meals are a lifesaver because choosing between rent and utilities and food really isn't a choice at all. When they must pay utilities in their apartments the cost can be crushing. But is it fair that they have to seek out meal programs because of the cost of what we would consider fundamentals. Of course, no one should be in the dark and cold in the winter because they can't afford to pay the bill. It really is a matter of justice.


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