Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Anglican Power!

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The dismal decision of the US government to opt out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement affects the fate of untold billions of Earthlings, including non-human creatures. The bizarre focus on economic gain over the wellbeing of our planetary home is sinful and wrong. I find this deeply discouraging.

There was encouraging news at the same time, although it was overshadowed by the decision of the Trump administration. ExxonMobil has decided to offer more transparent annual reports which will make shareholders and everyone else aware of the effects of their polices on climate change.

I celebrated this news, unaware that this was an initiative of the Church of England, the Anglicans. In these days of diminishing influence in world affairs by shrinking faith communities we might despair of making a difference. This is evidence of the importance of persistence and not losing heart.

Here is the description of what transpired from the Anglican Communion News Service:

Shareholders of the oil giant ExxonMobil pushed through a resolution on climate change at the company’s AGM yesterday despite strong opposition from the Board of Directors. The motion, tabled by the Church Commissioners, the financial arm of the Church of England, with the New York State Comptroller, will require the company to provide annual reports on showing how the business will be affected by global efforts to reduce climate change.
The moves comes as US President Donald Trump prepares to signal whether or not his administration will pull out of the Paris Agreement, in which global political leaders agreed efforts to cap global temperature rises at two degrees Celsius.
A similar motion last year was rejected when only 38 per cent of shareholders supported the motion. This week, the motion won the support of 62.3 per cent of shareholders.
In a speech to shareholders, the Church Commissioners head of responsible investment, Edward Mason, criticised the company’s non-executive directors for their stance. He highlighted that they had supported climate change policies in their main businesses, including Xerox, Merck & Co, and Johnson & Johnson.
He asked: “Members of the board, do you leave your understanding of climate change at the door when you attend ExxonMobil board meetings?”

Well done!


Eric Mundy said...

There's an interesting facebook, or online talk from Arnold Schwartzenegger addressed to the now president of the U.S. He is politely dissing him regarding his policies on climate change. It's worth looking up and listening to.

David Mundy said...

It is good, & encouraging that a growing number of voices - including that of the mayor of Pittsburgh -- are challenging Trump's ignorance.

roger said...

You beat me to that very comment, David. I was literally cheering when I watched the mayor of Pittsburgh criticize Trump for mentioning his city. If dozens of mayors continue to fight climate change, hopefully that will be a kick in the stomach to Trump.

Trump is beyond ignorant. Watching him push the other leader out of the way so he can be in the front really speaks to Trump's narcissism. This man is seriously unhinged and it is very worrying.

I do have to wonder how many cheeseburgers a 71 year old man can have before there is a medical issue. I would like to see him out, but unfortunately the rest of the republicans are almost as scary as he is. I had really hoped Bernie Sanders would be the president. My second choice would be Michael Moore.

Laurie said...

I was starting to write a comment and realized Roger said everything I wanted to say. So, Ditto on Roger words.

David Mundy said...

Well, good that we're all leap-frogging one another in agreement! Thanks all.