Saturday, June 03, 2017

Deliver Us From Everyday Evil

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lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil...

Many of us have mumbled our way through these phrases so often through the years that we aren't actually paying attention to our own voices, sad to say.

I wonder if we have all but given up on the notion of temptation. And what about evil? Isn't evil off there somewhere, perhaps in the genocide of Syria?

Could evil reside in a supposedly meek nurse from  a seniors' facility? Elizabeth Wettlaufer has confessed and pled guilty to murdering eight elderly, vulnerable people, and attempting to kill others. "I honestly thought God wanted to use me," she told police, and she spoke of the exhilarating feeling she experienced when she knew she had been successful in murdering a patient. Chilling.

Wettlaufer has been called a monster repeatedly, but what does that really mean? She has been diagnosed with bipolar illness, but the vast majority of people who are bipolar would never consider harming others. She is a sick human being who was tempted to do grave harm to others. She succumbed to what is truly evil, taking innocent lives. God does not use persons to be the angel of death.

How have you reacted to these events? What do you think about Wettlaufer's confession?

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