Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Solitude on the Rock(s)

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I'm hoping and praying that when you read this we will be on the island of Newfoundland, Canada's easternmost province and the place where I began ministry on a five preaching point pastoral charge.  You'd think that would be enough to scare us away forever, but I figure that this is the eighth trip back in 35 years. We are actually going to a community off the island, called Change Islands. They are adjacent to the "rock star" island of Fogo, which has become the place to go, despite it's remote location. We are only a short ferry ride to Fogo, and Change Islands shares the rugged beauty of its more famous companion.

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During our time on Change Islands we will hike and kayak and read lots of books, rain or shine. We will also step away from connectedness, the blessing and curse of the internet and social media. We are both aware of the effects of internet brain, which has altered our attention span, raised our expectations for constant information, and, honestly, has changed our relationship with God. Without silence and solitude how do we listen for the voice of the One who created us and leads us into the fullness of love. How do we savour and grow in wisdom, rather than consume, consume, consume?

We've stayed on the cove you see in the painting above in the past. The house below will be our retreat this time.

So, I shall return to blogging, I'm just not sure when. God be with you!


Andrew Clarke said...

Hello David. It sounds like a wonderful trip. Good luck with the unplugging.

Laurie said...

I have been loving your pictures on twitter, Sounds like an ideal vacation spot. All your pictures are beautiful. You and Ruth enjoy your time there. Have always wanted to spend time in Newfoundland/Labrador/ Never have. Bucket list thins to do.