Monday, June 05, 2017

Contemplating Creation

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Apparently this is the first day of the rest of my life. While my official retirement date is June 30th, I finished work after worship yesterday. Last week I saw this online course offered through Shalem Institute in the United States. It intrigued me because I am trained as a spiritual director and this is the sort of program I would love to offer in retirement.

Does this interest you? What would you think of a "Made in Canada" approximation of this sort of retreat, either online or in person?

Contemplative Earth Awareness

An online retreat day with ShalemWake up to the wonder that is all around you.

This is a time of awakening and connection. As we hold Earth and one another in prayer, we have an opportunity to stretch our contemplative awareness in new ways.
Shalem’s online retreat day with staff member Ann Dean is an opportunity to notice the loving Presence all around us and to deepen our awareness of the oneness of life. Using poetry, meditations, reflection questions and invitations into silence, Ann creates a special space for seeing and appreciating our connection to the natural world.
Whether you are a volunteer at your local watershed, a parent or grandparent wanting to teach the next generation about Earth care, a pastor who wants to bring more Earth-friendly practices to your congregation, or simply a lover of nature—you are invited to join us.

Intent: to deepen contemplative Earth awareness by opening more fully to the divine, loving, unitive Presence in all living beings.
This online retreat day consists of video and audio teaching, which you can access on your computer or tablet, poetry for reading and contemplation, guided meditation audio, reflection questions and invitations into silence.
Ann Dean, a spiritual director and nationally-known leader of retreats and conferences for deepening the life of prayer, invites you to deepen your contemplative Earth awareness by opening more fully to the divine loving Presence in all living beings.

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Laurie said...

It sounds really interesting . Would really like to take this but I could not, my internet cost to much to do videos, etc. Would like it if it was in an actual place. Also enjoy your retirement. My partner retired 2 years and he is loving it.