Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deliver Us From Evil

Vampire books are films and television shows are all the rage these days. Our daughters, in their twenties have gobbled up the Stephenie Meyer series of novels, and Twilight was made into a wildly successful movie. More films are on the way.

Of course the original vampire writer was Bram Stoker, but Anne Rice must be the most successful with her Vampire Chronicles series. Millions of copies were sold and most would agree that they are much better written that the Meyer books.

Rice is intriguing because she has, as I have written before, given up vampires for Jesus. She has returned to the Catholic faith of her earlier life and driven a stake through writing about evil. To that end she has written a couple of novels about the earlier life of Jesus. I read the first one and it was okay, but not gripping.

Now Rice has written an autobiographical book called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession. If you are interested in hearing Rice speak about her spiritual journey check out the website for the CBC radio program called Tapestry. She was Mary Hines' guest on September 6th, but the broadcast is available on the site. http://www.cbc.ca/tapestry/archives/2009/090609.html

Are you/were you a Rice fan. Are you a vampire fan? Do you think that evil exists in this world? What about God's power to overcome evil?


Deborah Laforet said...

Yes, I was a Rice fan. I'm also a Stepenie Meyer fan and a Buffy fan. I'm not sure what is so attractive about vampires, but I am one of the followers. Although, it does has to reach my intellect and be a good story. I found Rice's books fascinating to read, although I got tired of them eventually. Buffy I watched because of the mythology and symbology. (I truly believe Joss Whedon is a genius!) The Twilight series was unique and entertaining (did not like the movie!)

Anyway, that's where I am on vampires. Anyone else willing to confess?

Laurie said...

My confession.
I am a Joss Whedon fan(Buffy, Angel,Serenity,Dollhouse)Never liked Anne Rice, read one book of Meyer's(very poor writing). Liked the show "Interview With a Vampire" and the best vampire show I have seen is a Swedish show that was at TIFF last year "Let The Right One In"

johnny said...

You had to do it. You had to get me started on vampires. I've never met a neck I didn't like.

Some of my vampire friends came up with these. I hope you like them.
1. What does a baby bat say before going to bed? Answer: Turn on the dark, I'm afraid of the light!

2. Where does Count Dracula water ski? Answer: on Lake Erie

3. What does a vampire fear most? Answer: tooth decay.

Okay, that's enough of that. Please don't make tomorrow's blog about Loch Ness.....cause I've got a million of those!!

You've been a great audience. I'm here til Thursday....try the veal.

(in reality, I'm overtired and rambling)

lionlamb said...

Look what I started! Thank you Sheckie, I mean Johnny.

Reader Larry tells me that wife Elaine has also devoured the Twilight series.

One of my daughters was also a huge Buffy fan, along with Deb and I'm sure others.

I have spoken with others who agree with Laurie that there was "vampire fatigue" near the end of the Rice series.

We still didn't get to the issues of good and evil.