Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I am back after the final days of my vacation. This past week we were camping in a spot remote enough that there wasn't even cell phone coverage, let alone access to the internet. The tranquility was a gift from God.

There is immediately plenty to do in this week, including evening meetings. The month of September always seems to be hectic, in a good way.

When I checked my blog I was pleased to see that a number of you commented during my absence. While most of us have been coming and going during the summer months there haven't been many postings without at least one response. Which is great. Because I wrote my vacation blog entries weeks ago I read back through them to jog my memory about what I had chosen. As always I found the responses thoughtful and worthwhile. If anything, they were more helpful from my perspective after I had stepped away for a while. I realize that there are other readers who are content to check in without online comment.

Thank you!

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